We are happy to welcome you to the Inishfree School of Irish Dance! This is a wonderful place for your child to learn life long lessons, excel at a unique talent, and create lifelong friendships. This page is designed to help you have a better idea of what Irish dancing is, and what to expect your first couple of classes.

About Irish Dance

Irish dancing is a bit different from ballet, tap, and jazz, in the sense that it is predominately competition based. We do have shows and recitals that we host and perform in; however, we do focus on competitions. Competitions are called a “Feis.” (Fesh) Competitions are held throughout the state, country, and world. At our school we send dancers to compete at the National and World Championship level every year.

All of our beginners are taught 4 beginner level dances that they are able to compete with. Each dance is done to different music, and has specific and distinct steps. For the beginning months of class, our focus is building a solid technique base, so that your child can perform these dances to the best of their ability.

We know that leaping into the world of Irish dance opens the door for questions you may have about being a new dancer. We have compiled a list of questions and answers that we routinely get from our newest parents.

About Inishfree

The Inishfree School of Irish Dancing has been one of the most prominent Irish Dance studios in the state of Texas for over 15 years. In this time children and adults have gained more than just the ability to dance. Classes focus on developing a strong work ethic, focus, achievement, good sportsmanship, and making lifelong friends.

We pride ourselves on giving Texan children a place to flourish within the competitive world of Irish Dance where we regularly represent Texas and the USA at major competitions worldwide. As well as this, we perform throughout the state giving even our youngest children the chance to show off their skills.

If Irish Dance has been something you have been interested in trying, please come along to any of our locations for a free class. We are sure Irish Dance is something you will fall in love with.